• ZULA30/03/2017 16:36

    Special Mission: Grenade

    Date: 31/03/2017 (20:00) - 02/04/2017 (23:59)  

  • ZULA30/03/2017 13:53

    Best players and their weapons in Zula

    To fight in the battles and to be successfull, you should know the stats of the weapons. That's why we prepared a dedicated section in our website. Take a look at it and find the weapons you like the most.   Why? To be in the list of best players of Zula Europe of all times. Check the rankings and try to reach the highest positions remaining true to your fighting style. The list doesn't show your name? Don't worry. There is strenght in numbers: try to join one of the best clans to reach the first ...

  • BERSERK THE CATACLYSM30/03/2017 13:11

    Free Promo card for the purchase of a Mega Booster or a Promo Booster!

    Greetings, Ungars! We've decided to give away cards for free. For more information visit our forum. This week you can get great cards for your decks! Best regards, The Berserk: The Cataclysm Team

  • BERSERK THE CATACLYSM29/03/2017 13:43

    LXV Clan War

    Greetings, Ungars! We are sure you have already heard the war drums beating in the distance. Are your creatures ready to follow you into battle?  The next war starts on March 30th! Get ready, Ungars!

  • ZULA28/03/2017 16:49

    Special Mission: Wanted mode

    Date:  29/03/2017 (0:00 - 23:59)    

  • ZULA28/03/2017 13:32

    End of server maintenance 13:00 (CEST)

    This Tuesday's maintenance is over. We have solved some bugs and we have created new servers for beginners to practise and to level up, to be ready to fight against the experts. Regards, Zula Europe Team

  • ZULA27/03/2017 10:05

    Servers maintenance

    Dear players, We will soon perform a server maintenance in order to solve some issues. We expect to be able to restablish the service as soon as possible. We will let you know when we are back online in a new post. Sorry for any inconvenience

  • ZULA24/03/2017 10:45

    Individual Ranking

    Hi everyone: Many of you have asked for it and now we have it!  Clicking on this link, you'll find out the individual ranking of Zula Europe. Our team is currently working on the clans one. Stay tuned! Best regards.    

  • ZULA24/03/2017 10:07

    Special Mission: Headshot

    Date:  24/03/2017 (20:00) -  26/03/2017 (23:59)

  • ZULA23/03/2017 13:37

    Play with the new game mode VERSUS in the ESL!

    Hi everyone: Good news! (The fans of this game already know this for sure). You voted and the ESL gave heed to your votes: the new game mode VERSUS is now available. You can play with other players as a team to climb up in the rankings and become the number 1! You can have a look here at the rankings! Don't let this chance pass you by.

  • BERSERK THE CATACLYSM23/03/2017 10:57

    Discounts on Ounces packs!

    Greetings, Ungars! This time we've prepared an offer for you to replenish your treasuries or strengthen your squads! You'll have a 30% off the 500, 1.300 and 2.200 Ounces packs! Best regards, The Berserk: The Cataclysm Team

  • BERSERK THE CATACLYSM23/03/2017 9:43

    End of the LXIV Clan War

    Greetings, Ungars! The LXIV Clan War has come to an end! The following clans will be promoted to the Golden League: Sangre Oscura  y  SKE48. The following clans will go down to the Silver League: Fight_For_Fun y Zelt's Shadows. Communication to all clans! The members of the next clan who is promoted to the Golden League and is deleted on purpose to create the same clan but in the Silver League will be banned permanently. See you in ...

  • ZULA22/03/2017 17:09

    Zula Tournament – 1v1 april

    Hi everyone: We are pleased to announce that we will be holding a new tournament in Zula Europe! You can have a look here at the rules of the tournament.  Also, this time the prizes are fantastic! You can see them here.   To sign up, click on this link. See you in the battlefield!

  • BERSERK THE CATACLYSM22/03/2017 14:05

    Ranked Ladder: Season 27

    Greeting, Ungars! This edition of Ranked Ladder will begin the 23rd of March at 00:00 (GMT +1)/20:00 (GMT-3) and last until the 30th of March at00:00 (GMT +1)/20:00 (GMT-3)! You can't miss it! See you on the battlefield!

  • ZULA21/03/2017 18:06

    Special Mission: Time

    Date: 22/03/2017 (00:00) - 22/03/2017 (23:59)  

  • BERSERK THE CATACLYSM21/03/2017 17:29

    Changes in the leadership!

    Greetings, Ungars! To make you enjoy this game even more, we have made a change in the leadership points. From now on, the leadership points will be different depending on how many squads you use in battle: - 1 squad: 30 leadership points - 2 squads: 40 leadership points - 3 squads: 60 leadership points We hope you like this modification. Regards, The Team of Berserk: The Cataclysm

  • BERSERK THE CATACLYSM17/03/2017 18:54

    Discounts on governors and Mayors!

    Greetings, Ungars! May the Grounds of Laar shake! Governors and Mayors have come to help you lead your Lands! This time, you have discounts to hire Governors and Mayors! Best regards, The Berserk: the Cataclysm Team

  • ZULA17/03/2017 18:37

    Special Mission: Time

    Date: 17/03/2017 (20:00) - 19/03/2017 (23:59)  

  • ZULA17/03/2017 9:37

    Sharp offer!

    This is the week end of a new melee weapon, to make you enjoy Zula Europe even more! From Friday, the 3rd of March, at 10:00 (CET) to Tuesday, the 17 of March, at 23:59 (CET), if you buy the Pack of 100,000 Zula Gold, we will give you this new melee weapon, the Tactical Axe, for 15 days! Also, as you already know, you will have extra gold too by buying this pack!  Don't let this opportunity pass you by! We would like to remind you that, once you have this weapon in your bag, you can turn ...

  • ZULA16/03/2017 11:48

    New skins in Zula!

    The customization system is growing. With the new update, we have added new skins for your weapons. We created 116 different skins with the colours you like the most. Like we always say, the Zula Team will keep on working to offer you a better experience inside the game. We will continue developing the customization system. Furthermore, we will add Card Decks with 1 guaranteed skin card that you can obtain with ZG or ZP. The new decks in the shop will be very useful for the ones of you who ...

  • BERSERK THE CATACLYSM15/03/2017 17:59

    LXIV Clan War

    Greetings, Ungars! We are sure you have already heard the war drums beating in the distance. Are your creatures ready to follow you into battle?  The next war starts on March 16th! Get ready, Ungars!

  • ZULA14/03/2017 11:50

    Special Mission: Movement

    Date: 15/03/2017 (0:00 - 23:59 CET) 

  • ZULA10/03/2017 10:42

    ​Special Mission: SMG

    Date: 10/03/2017 (20:00) - 12/03/2017 (23:59)

  • BERSERK THE CATACLYSM08/03/2017 12:06

    Ranked Ladder: Season 26

    Greeting, Ungars! This edition of Ranked Ladder will begin the 9th of March at 00:00 (GMT +1)/20:00 (GMT-3) and last until the 16th of March at 00:00 (GMT +1)/20:00 (GMT-3)! You can't miss it! See you on the battlefield!

  • ZULA07/03/2017 17:26

    Special mission: Sabotage

    Date: 08/03/2017 (00:00) - 08/03/2017 (23:59)  

  • ZULA07/03/2017 11:29

    Weapon modificacion

    Hi all,    We just modified some weapons to upgrade your gameplay experience.  Enjoy!   MPT-76: Damage increased from 30 to 33. RPM increased from 650 to 700. Bullet capacity increased from 25/75 to 30/90. Recoil reduced.   SCAR-L: RPM increased from 600 to 660. Zoom recoil reduced.   P90, UMP45: Damage distance increased.   XCR-L, KTR-035, G36, SIG552, Howa Type 89: Zoom recoil reduced.   HK417: RPM increased from 550 to 600   AK-47: RPM ...

  • ZULA06/03/2017 18:09

    Important statement about reports

    Hi everyone, First of all, we want you to know that we work hard everyday to try to keep the game free from hacking. We are thankful for all the reports you send us, as they help us block the users that manage to violate our security systems. Before you make a report, however, you need to evaluate correctly if the user is really using an illegal program or if he just plays better than you. Remember that if you are a level 1 player and you fight against a level 40 player, the second one will ...

  • ZULA03/03/2017 10:55

    Special Mission: Time

    Hi everyone,    We have new Special Missions in Zula! Here's the first one:   On the 4th of March 2017, between 00:00 and 23:59 (CET), if you play for 120 minutes, you receive a EXP Booster 30% for 1 day. We hope you can reach the goal and obtain the reward!  See you on the battlefield!

  • BERSERK THE CATACLYSM02/03/2017 12:14

    Discounts on pre-built squads!

    Greetings, Ungars!   We have a cool offer for you that'll help you strengthen your squads so you'll be better prepared for your coming battles.   With this offer, you'll have a 50% off pre-built squads if you buy them with Ounces, and a 30% off if you buy them with Imperials.   Best regards,   The Berserk: The Cataclysm Team

  • ASTRO LORDS01/03/2017 14:05

    Updating Gems

      Earth Fleet   The Earth Alliance has announced the mobilization of all the Lords to fight against the new threat!   The sectarians, which were mainly underground terrorist activities so far, just declared a global war to the Earth Alliance, and are threatening to exterminate all the Lords and to colonize the Oort Cloud!   Congratulations Lord, you have been admitted to join us in the United Space Fleet! We resist the aliens who desperately try to penetrate the center of ...

  • BERSERK THE CATACLYSM01/03/2017 12:31

    LXIII Clan War

    Greetings, Ungars! We are sure you have already heard the war drums beating in the distance. Are your creatures ready to follow you into battle?  The next war starts on March 2nd! Get ready, Ungars!

  • ZULA24/02/2017 17:32

    ESL and 20.000 Zula Gold are waiting for you!

    Hi everyone! The best plan for this weekend is to hurry for our Golden Offer and shine in the ESL! Sign up to the Open Cup tomorrow, the 25th of February and start fighting from 19:00 CET. If you manage to win, you will get 20.000 Zula Gold. Still thinking about it? Sign up now!  

  • ZULA23/02/2017 18:05

    Golden offer!

    This is a golden weekend for you to fully enjoy Zula Europe! From Friday, the 24th of February, at 10:00 until Sunday, the 26th, at 23:59 (CET),you will receive 20 Golden Decks for free, buying the new 200 000 Zula Gold Pack. Moreover, we just found out that our pockets are kind of holey and a crazy 15% extra gold fell out and was added to this pack!  Don't let the chance to obtain more gold and to customize your weapons pass you by! You will destroy your enemies in style! See you on ...

  • BERSERK THE CATACLYSM23/02/2017 15:51

    2x1 chests!

    Greetings Ungars! We bring you an unprecedented opportunity for this weekend! You will have access to a 2x1 offer for every last one of the chests in the Ounces Store! In addition to the chests usually available, you will also have at your disposal a special edition for this occasion! Regards, The Berserk: The Cataclysm team

  • ZULA23/02/2017 15:44

    Winners of the 2nd Zula Tournament

    Hi everyone:  Thanks to all the teams who fought in this second Zula Tournament. It's been a pleasure to see you fighting these battles.  For those who didn't have the chance to participate, here you can watch the best moments.   Now it's time to announce the winners, who have already received their prizes: PD: We would like to thank the referees too, because without them, we couldn't have organised this tournament!