Valentine's Day 2018 skin for M4A1- Earn 20.000 ZP -> Valentine's Day 2018 skin for FN-FAL- Earn 40.000 ZP -> Valentine's Day 2018 skin for Desert Eagle- Earn 60.000 ZP -> Valentine's Day 2018 skin for BORA 12- Earn 80.000 ZP -> Valentine's Day 2018 skin for DSR-1- Earn 100.000 ZP -> 10 Super Support Cases- Complete all previous objectives -> 1000 Materials with 150 ChromeFor this Friday 15/02/2019 we bring you something very special! Our GM will be on EU-1 Server 8 from 11:00 AM (CET) to play with all of you!They will create different rooms with some GMs on each room.When a match ends, they will go out to the lobby and one of them will tell you the new server where they will create the new room to play.The 3 players with more kills on each match will receive 5.000 Zula Gold.The rooms will be called GM EVENT!​RULES​VERY IMPORTANT: When a player wins a match he will not be able to play again on the event! Meaning you can only win 1 time in the GM EVENT.-If an user creates rooms with this name to distract other players, he will be banned permanently.-There should be a GM on the room, if not the room is not the official one.- If a player break one of this rules he won't receive any reward.Winners and Rewards from the Competitive Mode:These are the players that reached the top 20 and will get a reward:Fight to reach the top this week and get a great reward!See you in the battlefield!' /> Weekly Calendar [11/02/2019 - 17/02/2019] | Weekly Calendar [11/02/2019 - 17/02/2019] | Zula News