Bounty Hunting

01/04/2016 - 14:00
You have successfully completed the last mission and have prepared well the defence of the Tesla Zone. Now it's time to resist gangs and strike at the heart. Today, the command opens the hunting season of enemy troops’ leaders. To achieve this, it is necessary to kill as much enemy commanders as possible. 
From 1 to 3 April (until 00:00 GMT + 3) the command asks you to do the following mission: detect and kill commanders of the enemy units. For the successful accomplishment of the mission you’ll receive a reward. The more commanders killed the greater reward! 
1 commander 
Credits x2 for 3 hours 
XP x2 for 3 hours 
Commander's XP x2 for 3 hours
5 commanders 
Stimulators Pack (Amirta х10, Ultimate Majestic х10, Gwyrth Bywydol х10) 
Nanofixators Pack (Immortality formula х5) 
Injectors Pack (Phoenix х5) 
Grenades Pack (M16 SE х10, AN-M14 SE х10) 
Pouches Pack (Pouch x50)
10 commanders 
Credits x2 for 6 hours 
XP x2 for 6 hours
20 commanders 
Extra Slot 
Protective Armor Set "CAPP" SE 
Exoskeleton "Mars" SE 
Camouflage "Swamp Thing U" SE 
Protective Armor Set "Phoj Lou Ultra" SE
The award is determined randomly. 
Before starting to do the missions you have to check stocks and fill stocks of high quality ammunition, since professionals always have stocks for any occasion. From 1 to 3 April you will have a great opportunity to replenish your reserves for a good price. During this period, all the high quality ammunition will cost you a 30% cheaper. 
The command expects you to have success in "Bounty Hunting"! Good Luck!

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