Clan reserve

18/04/2016 - 12:36

Heya friends!

The Clan War rages on, giving every commander new opportunities. Last Friday we launched a new update to Affected Zone Tactics, now there's a new way to create clan battle groups with other mercenaries: the Clan Reserve.

Clan Reserve

Now, any freed up mercenaries you have can be sent to the Reserve. Then members of the clan can deploy and use these soldiers in battle. Both the member of the clan that deploys the unit and the owner will receive Glory Points and Exp! Basically, your mercenary is loaned to a member of your clan for a short amount of time. Glory Points are divided equally.

Remember to gear up any soldiers you want to add to the reserve! After the battle, their equipment will be repaired. To add soldiers from Clan Reserve to battle, just drag them to the battle window. You can opt to remove soldiers anytime, unless they are in battle or in a battle group.

The Clan Reserve will allow you to have a significant amount of extra battle groups in defense, which will aid clan income. This new system is especially designed to aid new players, now they can enter the Clan War and be aided in their first steps!

We'll focus on being able to add players outside your clan on the next stage of the clan wars, so that clans can gain some extra points, and help individual players prove their worth in PvP and earn new rewards!

And remember, have fun!

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