Event: Space Odyssey

08/04/2016 - 14:59

Our companies in the Tesla Zone do not only extract precious resources, they also participate actively in space programs. The infinite Cosmos in which we live in still attracts people, but to research it further, we need only the best and latest technology. Today, the brilliant minds of our companies give every soldier a taste of their latest achievements. 
Space Odyssey
Every Commander who logs into the game between April 8th and 13th, will get a set of the latest Stimulants as a gift, designed especially for astronauts. 
- Stimulant "Interstellar" 
- Stimulant "Space Cowboy" 
- Stimulant "Horizon” 
These stimulants can also be found in battle. You have to reach your enemy’s house flag and open the box you’ll find there. But be quick — only the first team to reach the enemy camp first will manage to open the box. 
If luck was not with you, you can always buy more stimulants in the shop, in the “Events” tab.* They will be on sale from April 8th to April 13th, both inclusive. 
*Any ítem bought in an Event will not be replenished automatically with a Premium subscription. 
From April 8th until April 13th, you’ll have a 30% off Premium equipment: 

- Premium armour
- Premium main weapons
- Premium secondary weapons
Have a great weekend! 

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