In-game Gifts!

05/05/2016 - 15:52

Hi mercenaries!

Many surprises are waiting for you these days on Affected Zone Tactics! Read on to know everything about it!

Double Rewards from the Command
From May 5th until May 10th, all bonuses obtained from the daily missions will be doubled.

May 5th-6th - 50% off renaming soldiers
May 7th-8th - 50% off Commander training
May 9th-10th - 50% off experience exchange

From May 5th until May 10th, a festive background will be activated in the barracks.


On May 9th, all players will receive a Gift Set, that will contain the following:

- Premium "Plus" (100% XP, 100% Credits, 80 Gold/day) for one day
- 3000 Credits
- 20 Pouches
- 5 x "Fast Walker"
- 5 х "Hawkeye"
- 5 х "Sentinel"
- 4 х Phoenix
- 4 х Immortality Formula

Don't miss out on this cool offers!
Best regards,
The Affected Zone Tactics Team

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