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13/05/2016 - 15:17
Hi mercenaries!

During today's maintenance, we've made some changes to the Clan War system:

Now you won’t be able to attack the same clan twice— at least not immediately. You’ll have to wait 30 minutes during the day and 3 hours during the night (from 3AM to 9AM). This gives other clans the opportunity to battle against them, too.
Remember that the cooldown time only counts when the enemy BG is defending (with or without shield) and has not been attacked by another BG.
That aside, you can get amazing rewards and take advantage of a cool offer during the entire weekend: 

From May 13th to May 16th, gain 7 victories in one day to get one of the following prizes: 

- Stimulant Set (x5 "Fast Walker", х5 "Hawkeye" , х5 "Sentinel" )
- Meds Set (х5 Phoenix, х5 Immortality Formula)
- Grenade Set (х10 Smoke Grenade M16 SE, х10 Thermal grenade AN-M14 SE)
- Premium "All included" (+125% XP, +50% Credits) per day
- x2 Experience per day
- x2 Credits per day


From May 13th to May 16th until 10:59 PM (BST) you can get these Combat Sets for a very good price. Look for them in the shop under the "Offers" tab.

These sets contain Premium medicine, stimulants, grenades and pouches—everything you need for combat! 

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