Patch Notes Big Update 05/19/2016

19/05/2016 - 14:58


Hi mercenaries,

Today's update has been carried out successfully. Here's a sum-up of the Patch notes. To see the complete Patch Notes, check out this forum post.

It’s our pleasure to introduce a new and updated version of Affected Zone Tactics, which includes many improvements in the combat system, the abilities and item stats.

Shotgun Balance

In previous updates, we improved automatic weapons and grenades, now it’s time for the shotguns to be improved. As for now, Heavy Infantry Shotguns aren’t very efficient, as they still function with the old mechanics. We’ve changed the algorithm for successful attacks and damage completely.

First of all, shotgun damage will be more predictable and depending directly on shooting distance. Secondly, chances for critical headshot and one shot kill will be reduced. And lastly, missing chances will be reduced too— the shotgun won’t ever miss entirely now, and always deal at least minimum damage.


RPG Balance
Fire support soldiers with RPGs had many errors, which was clearly visible in their efficiency in combat. This is why we’ve decided to make some improvements for this subclass, for example increasing their mobility, range and accuracy.

Sharpshooter Balance

The possibilities of a sharpshooter have also been improved. Now they’re able to illuminate an area on the map, detect any enemies there and shoot.
Ability: Illuminate the area

To actívate this ability, you only need to designate the area you want to search in. All enemies who reach that point will be visible for 1 turn. During that time, the sharpshooter can fire at any visible target.
To see the detailed list of which weapons have been modified for each type of soldier, check out the forum.

We hope you like the changes and enjoy the game!
The Affected Zone Tactics Team


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