The Heavy Infantry

08/02/2016 - 10:17
Hello, and a happy Monday to you, players:

As you know, today it's time to show you another soldier class: 

160208_class-heavyinfantry.png Today is the Heavy Infantry's turn.

This class is the perfect combination of combat power and high damage resistance. The Heavy Infantry is at the frontline of the offensive, which is why they get the highest number of shots. Their impressive armours with reinforced exoskeletons make them the class with the highest survival rate on the battlefield. But, due to their heavy armour, they have a lot less mobility than the Commandos or Assault Troopers. 

However, the Heavy Infantry makes up for their flaws with heavy weaponry and protection.



These soldiers are very important, don't leave them behind! 

Best regards,
The Affected Zone Tactics Team

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