Berserk The Cataclysm is a free MMO collectible card game, set in Laar’s world, in which you can show your strategic skills by building your own card squads. Join this great online card game and conquer the Ungar throne!

Berserk the Cataclysm


  • BERSERK THE CATACLYSM 17/01/2018 11:08

    Ranked Ladder

    Greetings, Ungars! It's time for a new Ranked Ladder Edition! This time, the Ranked ladder wil last from the January 18th, 00:00 (CET), to January 25th at the same time. Don't miss it! Regards, The BTC Team

  • BERSERK THE CATACLYSM 10/01/2018 9:17

    LXXX Clans War

    Greetings, Ungars! We are sure you have already heard the war drums beating in the distance. Are your creatures ready to follow you into battle? The next war starts on December 11th! Get ready, Ungars!

Recent Updates

  • BERSERK THE CATACLYSM 16/11/2017 11:01

    Urgent Server Maintenance

    Greetings, Ungars: We are carrying out maintenance of our servers right now.  We'll inform you as soon as they're up and running again on the forum and our news. Sorry for the inconvenience. Best regards, The Berserk: the Cataclysm Team

  • BERSERK THE CATACLYSM 24/11/2015 14:50


    9:50AM (GMT), 5:50AM (EST)—Server Maintenance complete Hello Ungars! We inform you that the server is up and running again, so you can get back to the battles! Thank you for your patience! The Berserk: The Cataclysm Team *** Hello Ungars; We inform you that tomorrow, November 25th, at 9AM GMT, 4AM EST, an update for the game will be carried out. The servers will be down for ...