Exchange Coins for features in IDC games

I have my Promo Coins, now what?

The first thing you have to do is choose the game you wish to buy for, in the left column.

Once the game is selected, on the right column you will see the products offered in that game’s shop: Ounces, K$, Karats, Cash…

Choose the product or coins you wish to obtain. This way, only the amount of Promo Coins which corresponds to the product you have selected will be exchanged.

Promo Coins

Step 1

Select the game

Step 2

Select the item to exchange:

Exchange successful
An error has occurred. Try again later.
You must be logged in the selected game to be able to exchange items.
You must select an item.
You don’t have enough Promo Coins
Error. You don't have permission to exchange Promo Coins.