Help us and get free IDC/Coins!

Here you will find a summary of the options available to you to get free IDC/Coins. Explore the opportunities!

Lucky Slots

Win IDC/Coins just by playing!

Have fun with the best professional slot machines, Las Vegas style!

Inviting Friends

How to win coins inviting your friends!

But if you want even more, you can invite your friends to try all the IDC games. Send an invitation to any friend and get free IDC Coins!You just have to put any of your friends’ email address so you can play our games together, win IDC Coins and enjoy hours of fun!

Filling out surveys

How to win IDC Coins by filling out surveys!

You can also get IDC Coins by filling out our SURVEYS. It’s fast, easy and immediately afterwards, you will have your reward in your account, in the form of IDC Coins, and only for helping us improve our services!

When you visit our website, we will tell you if there are any surveys available for you to fill out, but you can also check in the dropdown menú found in the upper left corner of the screen, in the “Surveys”. section.

Confirming your account

Win IDC Coins just by confirming your account!

Do you want to get exclusive and Premium products for our games in an easily and for free, but you don’t know how to?

It’s as easy as confirming your IDC/Games account. When you sign up on our platform to enjoy any of our exclusive games, you must include your email address as part of the registration process. If you confirm your account, you will automatically receive a reward of IDC Coins.

What are you waiting for?! Confirm your account and get free IDC Coins!

Buying COINS

Complete your experience by buying IDC Coins!

In addition to the different ways to get free IDC Coins we offer you, you can also buy them.

In the IDC/Coins shop, located on the upper left corner of our website, you will find what you’re looking for. There are different amounts and prices which will surely adjust to what you want and of course, we offer you many payment methods in order to offer you a fast and safe service.