Halloween Questlines are now live!

27/10/2022 - 12:05

Questlines are a new feature that has been added to Hunt: Showdown, and they are offered during different times of the year allowing you to get special and rare items in the game.

When a questline becomes available, you need to complete a series of specific challenges in the game and thus you will be handsomely rewarded for each completed quest.

During the Halloween event, you'll be challenged to smash the pumpkins that populate the Bayou and have to face off against the fan-favorite boss, The Butcher, adorned with a pumpkin head! You will have to use all your skills to dodge The Butcher's fireballs and his horrible uppercut...

This questline will only be active from October 26 to November 9. There are big rewards up for grabs, including Mama Maye, a new Legendary Slayer, and a Skull Effigy Weapon Charm. More information here.

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