Moment of Life or Death

06/06/2022 - 14:10

Many years ago, the adeptus Sea Gazer made good friends with a thaumaturge. Emulating the story of adepti and mortal kindred spirits recorded in ancient texts, he gave the mortal his treasured device to aid his friend in battle.

He said: "Look, my friend. This contraption is rather intriguing. If you and I activate it, one can move the heavens and shake the earth.

Such is how the world works. What one may fail to do, two may succeed. I have spent much time gazing at the sea in leisure and have seldom exerted myself, but it is my pleasure to aid others in need.

The battle ahead is fraught with peril. Millennia later, both you and I may linger in this world no more. When the time comes, someone can return this device to the mountains, which will serve as testament to our friendship."

Thus did the catalyst find its way into mortal homes and stayed in their hands until...

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