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Korner 5 is a MOBA footbal free-to-play. It has a system that puts players in action, feeling like in the field, with high quality graphics available to all machines

Korner 5


  • Korner 5 21/12/2016 15:13

    Announcement of the servers' shutting down

    Dear players: After these years by your side, we have to tell you that we're going to shut down the servers of Korner 5. We are grateful to each and every one of you who have been part of this great adventure. As of today, both the registration on the game and the access to the shop with be deactivated. The game will stay available for all the players already registered until ...

  • Korner 5 14/07/2016 7:54


    Now that the summer is here, we would like you to share with us all your summer adventures. Doesn’t matter if it’s a picture of your neighbour's cat or of that sand castle you made with your cousins. We just want to live those moments with you (and feel that healthy envy). But here comes the best part! In exchange for your pictures we will be giving away some amazing awards for the ...

Recent Updates

  • Korner 5 04/01/2016 16:18

    Server Maintenance (01/05/16)

        Hi, football-fans! Tomorrow at 10AM (GMT), 5AM (EST), the servers will be down for a few hours for maintenance.  Should any inconveniences or delays happen, we'll tell you on this post. The Korner 5 Team

  • Korner 5 17/12/2015 8:46

    Server Maintenance (17/12/2015)

    End of maintenance 2PM (GMT), 10AM (EST) Hello again, players! The update has been carried out successfully. You can now return to the field and warm up for your next matches.  ***   Dear players, Today at 10AM (GMT), 5AM (EST), the servers will be down so we can implement Japanese in the game. We hope to have them up and running as soon as possible. When we're back, we'll ...