GM Event: Go get them!

14/11/2016 - 16:29

Are you ready for a challenge?

Many of you have ready had the opportunity to play with our GMs. This time we would like to invite all of you to kick their butts! This time every participant will win something!

The event will take place on November, the 16th, starting at 15:00 (BST) and will last approximately for one hour. GMLurpe and GMeros will wait for you in the city center so you can join them. You will be also able to win incredible rewards during this event. 


The first placed players in both teams will receive Core-AAA GL (White)


The second placed players in both teams will receive FCG Set (Permanent)


The third placed players in both teams will receive Kung Fu Set (Permanent)


The rest of the participants will get 50.000 coins

Special conditions:

- In case that the player achieves 80 kills in one game, they will receive the full Set of Cat (Permanent).


- In case that the player achieves 70 kills in one game, they will receive the pet Panda.


- In case that the player achieves 60 kills in one game, they will receive the Dragon SR (Permanent)


The GM event will consist of 4 games (rewards will be given in the 4, and a player who already has received a reward won't receive another, so that every last one of you can receive something). The games will last for 15 minutes or for 150 kills on a map chosen by the GMs. The rooms will be open for a total number of 16 places. In addition, the GMs won't have any restriction regarding the use of weapons, whether they're enhanced or not. 

Important: In the event of more than 16 players in the waiting queue, the GMs will decide who may enter the room and who may not, so that every player has a shot to play at least one game. If a user doesn't respect the instructions of the GMs, he or she will be punished according to the terms of the GMs.

See you soon on the battlefield!

Best regards,
The Metal Assault team

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