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02/03/2016 - 16:23
Have you always wanted to prove your talent to defeat evil? Metal Assault gives you the chance you were long waiting for!
In Metal Assault, you can join your friends and explore the dangerous City of HERZ. In Co-op mode, you can form teams of up to 16 players and face the most abominable zombies. In PvP Mode, you fight in 8vs8 to see who is deserving of victory. You will also be able to choose between several characters and customize them: Carl, Burton, Marie and Ai will be loyal to you in your battle against the evil skeletons who want to kill you. 
Enjoy the wide variety of weapons and vehicles and become the game's bravest mercenary! Learn to move and control your character and go head-in against zombie hordes. 
Be the first to try it out and sign up for the beta now!
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The Metal Assault Team

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