Get Amped 2 is the successful sequel of Get Amped, a multiplayer battle arena with an impressive system to personalize your character. Enjoy battles with up to 20 players!

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Languages: Français

Korner 5 is a MOBA footbal free-to-play. It has a system that puts players in action, feeling like in the field, with high quality graphics available to all machines

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Languages: Português, Español, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, 日本語, Polski, Türkçe

Join CroNix Online, the new free to play online game and immerse yourself into a devastated world, dominated by chaos. In this MMO you will find nuclear weapons, mutants, religious sects and a great variety of wars in which to fight. Choose your side!

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Languages: English, Português, Español, Français, Česky, Italiano, 한국어, Polski

PANZAR is a fantasy multiplayer third-person shooter. You get to choose from eight unique character classes, team-based PvP battles, exciting PvE adventures and regular tournaments with real prizes. Advanced RPG elements, the non-target combat system and the most modern graphics by CryEngine will make your combat experience unforgettable!

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Rank up with the best score in online, the car war game in which shooting destroys the opponent and resets his points. Also you can steal their items by crashing into other car.

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Languages: English