The Forsaken Hunter

29/06/2022 - 13:25

It's fair to say that Merrick, Hunter of the Hungering One, has been the talk of every tavern in recent days. Belle brought the grizzled old salt out of his retirement during the events of "The Shrouded Deep," and finds herself swept up in a dangerous quest to help kill the most elusive sea monster of them all.

Unsurprisingly, chasing megalodons on the high seas soon rekindled Merrick's desire to be where the action is. He set sail once more and arrived at Golden Sands Outpost, which had been left to rot in the wake of Captain Flameheart's destructive ambitions, to champion the restoration of it.

Thus began 'Lost Sands', and after a tense tug-of-war with the fate of the Outpost in the balance, Merrick and his friends, not to mention the countless pirates who rallied to their cause, were able to drive off The Reaper's Bones agents and start a new era of prosperity in Golden Sands. Why then has the victorious Hunter not been seen in recent days? Examining Merrick's recent activities may provide insight... Learn more here.

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