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  • Zula 17/01/2019 17:00

    ACTINA PACT vs For The Win match chronicle


    This week's third match of the Zula Europe Pro League took place between ACTINA PACT and For The Win. Both teams had a lot at stake in this match, but finally and despite the desire and ambition of both teams the match ended with a draw.

    The games were played in Old Town and Wedding Hall.

    In Old Town, the ACTINA PACT players had no mercy with the members of For The Win and managed to close their turn of attack with a favorable result of 7 - 2. Subsequently, For The Win could only score 2 rounds in attack before falling defeated with a score of 10 - 4. The MVP of this match was narki with a KDA of 1.66 (14/9/1).

    The match carried out in Wedding Hall has been the longest of all the Zula Europe Pro League reaching to lengthen up to 4 times. The equality was such that until the end of the fourth overtime we did not know the winner of this match, which was finally For The Win with a result of 22 - 18. Both teams have given the best of them and they have played to the limit. The MVP of the match was v1lczek with a KDA of 1.67 (45/28/2).

    Neither For The Win nor ACTINA PACT have managed to defeat their nemesis, so the situation at the top of the table remains as it was in the absence of a day to finish the Zula Europe Pro League.

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  • Zula 17/01/2019 17:00

    Izako Boars vs VirtuE match chronicle


    The last match of this week of the Zula Europe Pro League took place between Izako Boars and VirtuE. The current world champions have successfully overcome the tough confrontation against VirtuE, who carried out a magnificent performance.

    The games were played in Old Town and Favela.

    In Old Town, the players of Izako Boars reached the swap of roles with a favorable result of 5 - 4. Later, VirtuE, in his turn of attack, made things very difficult for the boars. The final result was 10 - 8 in favor of Izako Boars. The MVP of this match was baddyG with a KDA of 2.75 (20/8/2).

    In Favela we could enjoy a very tight match that was decided in the overtime. The players of Izako Boars closed their turn of defense with a result of 7 - 2 in their favor, but the players of VirtuE did not give up and forced the overtime. The game ended thanks to an epic play of Doxiu with a score of 13 - 10. The MVP of the match was Doxiu with a KDA of 1.80 (21/15/6).

    Izako Boars is still leader of the league accumulating a new victory and VirtuE has left a very good feeling making things very difficult for the world champions.

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