Zula is a free-to-play online first person shooter. In Zula you will discover real unique locations as Istanbul, Northern Iraq and other places of the Middle East, as well as indoor maps.



  • Zula 19/09/2018 17:00

    Patchnotes V 1.22d


    Hello everybody,

    In this post you will be able to check the patchnotes of the V 1.22d:

    New Material Briefcase:

    - 1000 Materials with 100 Cobalt

    New skins:

    - Lightning Skins.

    Launcher Update:

    - Fix button added. It will help users to recover game files.
    - The Workshop will be available on launcher. Users will be able to design their own skins by working on source files.

    See you in the battlefield!

  • Zula 19/09/2018 16:00

    End of maintenance


    Hi everyone,

    Maintenance has been carried out successfully, the servers are up and running again.

    Return to the game and enjoy!