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  • Zula 12/12/2018 17:00

    PRIDE vs Pompa Team match chronicle


    The second match of the first day of the 3rd week took place between PRIDE and Pompa Team. A new derby between Polish teams in the Zula Europe Pro League. This match promised that it would be equalized and, in effect, it was.

    The matches were played in China and Old Town.

    In China the eagles started defending and could stop 4 of the 9 attacks of the ghosts, arriving at the swap of roles with a result of 5 to 4 in their favor. Pompa Team also carried out a good role in their turn of defense, but in the key round to force the overtime, the eagles were plummeted over the ghosts and closed the game with a score of 10 - 8. In this match, 3 of the PRIDE players got 16 kills, REALIZE, luxon1337 and mtzN1, but the MVP was luxon1337 with a KDA of 1.8 (16/10/2).

    In Old Town, Pompa Team got the necessary motivation to win PRIDE with a result of 10 - 7. In their defense phase they got the victory in 5 rounds of the 9 rounds despite the great attacks of PRIDE. In their turn to attack the ghosts found the way to nick the defense of the eagles closing the match with the result said above, 10 - 7. The MVP has been CLN with a KDA of 1.61 (18/13/3).

    First point in the Zula Europe Pro League for PRIDE, therefore, another point for Pompa Team, finishing with both teams in the bottom part of the ranking.


  • Zula 12/12/2018 16:00

    Izako Boars vs x6tence match chronicle


    We arrived at the third week of the Zula Europe Pro League that began with the match between Izako Boars and x6tence. The aliens faced the wild boars to try to overthrow them from the first position, but the Polish players were impassive and got the victory in the two maps.

    The games were played in China and Favela.

    In China the players of x6tence defended successfully 4 of the 9 rounds of their defending phase arriving at the swap of roles with a result of 4 to 5 against. In contrast, Izako Boars did not fit any round against him in their defense turn closing the match with a result of 10 - 4. The best player of the match was ERMAC with a KDA of 2.43 (15/7/2). The prodigy boy is making it very clear in this Zula Europe Pro League that he is a star player and that, for the moment, he is leading his team in the right direction.

    In the second map, Favela, Izako Boars proved once again that they are the best players in the world on this map closing the match with a score of 10 - 1. In their turn of defense, they only fit a round against, which was thanks to a great play of bioNic against baddyG. Thanks to the sound of the fall of baddyG to the bottom of the map, bioNic also dropped and killed the member of Izako Boars. x6tence could not defend any of the attacks of Izako Boars. The MVP has been ERMAC again with a KDA of 3.4 (13/5/2).

    Izako Boars gets another victory in the league and continue to maintain the undisputed leadership.

    General statistics: