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IDC/Games is an online free to play videogames platform in your mother tongue and for every type of users. IDC/Games offers you PC games, both browser games and client games of several different types: MMO, MMORPG, MOBA and RTS.At IDC/Games you can find both collectable cards games (CCG), such as Berserk The Cataclysm, and free football MMO such as Korner 5, where you can choose your character and customize it, getting ready to do your best on the football field. And all our games are available in your own language!If you like fantasy, you have three MMORPG free to play online games that you can’t miss. Ragnarök Online, the perfect role game if you like open world games. In this MMORPG you have several characters online, which you’ll have to use to complete quests and win rewards.Do you prefer combat games? CroNix Online is here for you! It is an MMO game, set on a post-apocalyptic world where you’ll have to fight for your survival on PvP arenas in Raid mode. You’ll get free rewards after each battle, and you could play against AI bots in Elimination mode as well.And if you are a fan of the universe, with Battle Space you could explore the infinite galaxies by driving your space ship. You will have to conquer worlds and face your commanders against other players in online PvP battles, fighting for the control of the planets.Oh! And we manage the mythic Habbo as well. Create your character, know people and arrange online parties inside the biggest hotel in the world. With Habbo you can try a lot of mini games, make friends, and even find love…



Games marked with IDC/Shield will contain set of exclusive features on IDC/Games.

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MMO and MMORPG world

Undoubtedly, free to play online games world is one of the greatest advantages of the Internet. You don’t need to have any physical game, nor videogame consoles or controls. All the fun in one click from your PC. That’s why IDC/Games wants to offer you a wide range of free to play online games in only one website. And there is nothing better than MMOROG and MMO games to play online and for free with your friends!MMO games give you the opportunity to live all the action on every type of arenas and battles, so you can have fun with your friends through free to play online games for PC. Use the online chat to communicate with them and to arrange strategies for the battle. If you are fed up of boring platform games, try our massive multiplayer action online games.What is more, MMORPGs allow you to explore new worlds online and for free, and you will have the chance to get rewards from NPCs and from multiplayer online Raids as well.Only at IDC/Games you can find every sort of f2p online games in the same website. Check it by yourself!

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Choose one of our free to play online games and don’t miss any detail. Our team updates contents about your favourite game every day. You can find every news on our website, forums and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest).Discover the surprises of every update, new characters and new modes of our MMORPG and MOBA games. New cards in Berserk, our free to play online CCG. And on top of that: we give you tricks and advices every day for every game. You’ll find gameplays and tutorials of all our f2p online games in our Youtube channel. Besides, if you missed any information during the week, on Friday we offer you a summary of the most important news of each game in our program called IDC News. Don’t miss our contests and tournaments, browse our website and social networks to win awesome rewards of your favourite games!

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At IDC/Games, not only we take care of the quality of our free to play MMO games, but we also look after our players. The foundation of our success in online multiplayer games is the treat and the attention we offer to our players online community. Break into the IDC/Games world, go into our forums and make friends. The rest of the players will help you with any of the games, both downloadable and browser games, MMO and RPG: our community is at your disposal. Besides, if you have a technical issue, you can open a ticket through our support platform. We will answer you immediately, and we will give you custom support, solving any of your doubts. Don’t hesitate and ask us! IDC/Games team is here for you.