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19/05/2016 - 16:00

Hi mercenary,

From today, May 19th until May 22nd, many offers and in-game activities await you in Affected Zone Tactics.
- The event “Trophy Rush” in the game's battlefields: Get to the enemy's flag, capture it, get the chance to open their inventory and get a special reward!

- Improved Fire Support RPG soldiers: +100% XP for all Fire Support RPG soldiers.

- Discounts on weapons. 30% off:

  • Premium Main Weapon for RPG Fire Support
  • Premium Main Weapon for Sharpshooter Commando
  • Premium Secondary Weapon for Heavy Infantry (Shotguns)

- “Constructor” Premium Subscription: choose what suits you best and get a +150% XP and +25% credits.

For more details, check out the forum post.

Best regards,
The Affected Zone Tactics Team

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