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Great Deals on Video Games: Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023

Great Deals on Video Games: Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023

Shopping for Video Games on Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

Traditionally, Cyber Monday has been the go-to for online deals, while Black Friday was more oriented towards in-store shopping. However, with many major stores now offering online promotions, the line between the two days has diminished, but both offer great deals on video games. Factors that might affect your decision include:

Delivery Issues: Persistent supply chain disruptions suggest that earlier shopping on Black Friday might guarantee timely arrivals and allow for hassle-free returns before the festive season.

Inventory Restrictions: Limited stocks on sought-after items like electronics on Black Friday means they might be unavailable by Cyber Monday. Some TV promotions, for instance, are for older models which, once depleted, won’t be replenished.

Shopping Ambience: Cyber Monday shopping is typically more laid-back, not conflicting with holiday festivities, while Black Friday might overlap with family dinners.

In summary, although the discounts on both days might appear comparable, individual preferences and certain situations could guide you to favor one over the other. You can get great deals on video games on either day.

Shopping for Video Games on Black Friday

In-store Experience: Black Friday typically involves physically going to stores. This offers the tactile experience of handling game cases and often leads to impromptu decisions based on in-store displays.

Instant Gratification: You get the game immediately after purchase without waiting for shipping.

Crowds: Black Friday is infamous for its large crowds, which can lead to long lines, potential stock shortages, and a more stressful shopping environment.

Bundled Deals: Retailers often offer bundles with consoles and games, giving shoppers a chance to grab a package deal.

Potential for More Varied Deals: Since it’s in-store, regional or store-specific deals might not be available online.

Shopping for Video Games on Cyber Monday:

Online Shopping: Cyber Monday is primarily an online event. This means you can shop from the comfort of your home without the need to travel or navigate crowded malls.

Broader Selection: Online stores typically have a more extensive range of titles available, including indie games that might not be in physical stores.

Waiting for Delivery: There’s often a wait time for shipping, which means you won’t get instant access unless it’s a digital download.

Limited-time deals: Online platforms might offer limited-time deals that require quick decision-making.

Easier Price Comparison: It’s more straightforward to compare prices across different online retailers to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday provide unique shopping experiences and offer great deals on video games. The former is best for those who enjoy the hustle and bustle of in-store shopping and immediate possession, while the latter caters to those who prefer a wider selection and the convenience of online shopping. Your preference will depend on your shopping style and priorities.

What to keep in mind when searching for great deals on video games

Drawing from historical patterns and considering the evolving direction of the gaming industry, here’s an extrapolated forecast of what you could potentially anticipate:

Console Bundles: Major consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo often offer bundles which include the console itself along with popular games or even subscription services like PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass. With the continued success of the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and the Nintendo Switch, expect some enticing bundles, perhaps the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe bundle.

Discounts on Popular Titles: Blockbuster games that have been released earlier in the year or even late in the previous year typically see discounts. Keep an eye out for hits that made waves in early to mid-2023.

Digital Store Sales: Platforms like Steam, Epic Games Store, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Store historically offer massive digital sales. Expect discounts on a wide variety of titles, from indie gems to AAA blockbusters. We expect to see discounts on titles such as Spider-Man 2, NBA 2K24, and even Super Mario RPG.

Subscription Service Deals: Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Now, and similar services might offer deals for new subscribers or discounts for multiple months of service.

VR and Peripheral Discounts: With the ongoing expansion of VR technology, watch out for special offers on platforms such as the Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR. Further, anticipate markdowns on accessories, including controllers, headsets, and gaming seats. We’re especially eager to observe potential savings on the Meta Quest 3 this year. Stay alert!

Next-gen Upgrades: With the solid establishment of next-gen consoles, there might be discounts or deals on upgrading your older-gen version of a game to the next-gen version.

Flash Sales: Especially relevant for Cyber Monday, online platforms may offer limited-time flash sales which give significant discounts but require quick purchasing decisions.

Stock Limitations: Due to global supply chain disruptions experienced over the past years, it’s possible that there might still be stock limitations. If there’s something you really want, it may be wise to grab it when you see it rather than wait.

Reasons to Shop during Big Sales

Scoring a fantastic deal on a video game feels like an achievement in its own right. Beyond the thrill of the game, there’s an undeniable joy in knowing you’ve secured a great title at a fraction of its original price. Here’s why staying alert to discounts and deals is crucial and the gratification that comes with it:

Maximizing Your Budget: Staying informed about discounts means more bang for your buck. When you snag a game on sale, you have the opportunity to allocate the savings elsewhere, perhaps even towards another title you’ve had your eye on.

The Thrill of the Hunt: For many, the search for a great deal can be as exhilarating as the game itself. There’s a unique satisfaction in unearthing a hidden gem or a blockbuster title at a slashed price.

Expanding Your Library: By taking advantage of deals, you can diversify your gaming library without breaking the bank. This allows you to explore genres you might have been hesitant about at full price.

Avoiding Post-Purchase Regret: There’s nothing worse than buying a game, only to see it go on sale shortly after. Keeping an eye on potential discounts can prevent that sinking feeling of missed savings.

Building a Sense of Community: Sharing deals and alerting fellow gamers about ongoing sales fosters camaraderie within the gaming community. Everyone appreciates a friend who flags a good deal!

Rewarding Patience: While the allure of a new release is tempting, waiting for sales can be beneficial. Besides savings, this patience might also mean that by the time you buy the game, any launch bugs or issues have been addressed.

An Edge in Next-Gen Gaming: Staying alert to deals not only benefits current gaming but can also provide an affordable gateway into next-gen gaming. With the pace at which the industry evolves, discounts on newer consoles or their bundles can make transitioning more accessible.

In conclusion, being vigilant about gaming deals isn’t just about saving money; it’s about the entire experience. From the chase of spotting the discount to the eventual victory of making a smart purchase, it’s a game within the game. By staying alert, you set yourself up for the best gaming experiences without compromising on your budget.