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The Best MMORPGs Of All Time

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The Best MMORPGs Of All Time

MMORPG is one of the most successful and lucrative video game genres of recent years. As many of these games are designed to be played for many years, thanks to constant updates, they have an enormous capacity to attract and retain players.

The term “MMORPG” stands for “Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game”, and it was first used in 1997 by Richard Garriott, the creator of Ultima Online. As in an “offline” RPG, players take on the role of a character in a virtual world, usually medieval and/or magical, and control all their actions, including interaction with other players, characters, and armed combat.

In this post we will show some of the best MMORPGs of all time so buckle up, choose your favourite character, and join us in this trip through the beautiful worlds of MMORPG’s.

What makes a good MMORPG?

To reach the list of one of the best MMORPGs of all time, the referred game must follow certain criteria, but what makes a game one of the best in this world known gaming genre?

The main objective of an MMORPG is to progress the story and the skills of the characters. Each game has its own rules, but the basic method is the accumulation of “experience points”, obtained through successful actions. After a certain number of experience points, the character levels up, gaining and/or increasing powers and abilities. In order to differentiate themselves, these characters have to carry out missions, alone or in groups, facing monsters or doing favours for NPCs – “non-player characters”, i.e., those controlled by the computer. With these missions, you earn experience points and money. Accumulating wealth is another major objective for players, allowing them to buy better items to fulfil more difficult objectives and gain more money and experience.

Add all these features to a good story, good graphics, a good marketing strategy, and a good design and we have the perfect recipe for an MMORPG game capable of reaching the top of the rankings.

The Best MMORPGs Of All Time

New World

One of the most recent MMORPG in the market. Its mechanics allow players to use magic with their characters for various functions. Among them, the main one being combat against enemies living in the hostile environment of this open world.

Unlike many of its peers, the game has no class mechanics. Its focus, in fact, is on weapons with different abilities. It’s therefore possible to make more than one build during the game and change roles without having to create a new character.

Final Fantasy XIV

One of the most famous franchises when it comes to RPGs, apart from Diablo and Dark Souls, is, of course, Final Fantasy. This is a sequel that retells the story of the first original Final Fantasy XIV title.

So, you practically have an optimised remake in MMORPG form. It therefore retains all the expected mechanics, classes and combat, as well as the story of Final Fantasy XIV. The only changes are to the more technical parts and a few visual details.

Tower of Fantasy

Unlike the other MMORPGs presented here, Tower of Fantasy takes place in a futuristic world called Ainda. The general background is that this distant planet has been contaminated by a form of radiation that nobody quite understands.

Thus, players must venture into these unknown lands, experiencing their vastness and richness. As well as having to face the mutant beasts created by the radioactive infection.


When it was launched in 2011 exclusively in South Korea, TERA caught the attention of MMORPG fans for its active and action-packed combat system. After being released in other territories around the world in 2012, it gained great acclaim among gamers and a much larger number of active players. Today, TERA is constantly being updated with new elements, weapons, challenges, quests and places to explore. It’s well worth checking out!

World of Warcraft

With almost two decades of history and more than 20,000 quests, World of Warcraft is by far one of the most acclaimed MMORPG games in history. In the free version of the game, you have the chance to reach level 20 and play with no time limit. You can also access some of the game’s main features and create various characters to expand your lifespan in this unpaid version.

In World of Warcraft, players can choose to fight for the Horde or Alliance factions. Immersive quests, a dynamic levelling-up system, loads of loot and equipment, the possibility of making friends… all this makes World of Warcraft one of the best and longest-lasting MMORPGs ever created.


Two decades in the making, Runescape has become one of the top benchmark for MMORPG games, along with World of Warcraft. Even so long after its release, the game receives regular updates, and its community continues to grow. While veterans of this game enjoy the new features that arrive regularly, new players can enjoy a rich world full of fantastic elements that have been in development for decades.

Guild Wars 2

Considered one of the best MMORPG games ever released, Guild Wars 2 debuted in 2012 and still has a large number of active players ten years later. It has traditional quests and challenges for fans of the genre, but the game’s biggest highlight is the huge group quests, which provide interesting interaction between the online community.

As a result of the game’s success, expansions were made to supplement the base game’s content. As a game that doesn’t require subscription fees, there are many reasons to jump into Guild Wars 2.


Trove is a massively creative free-to-play action sandbox RPG and MMO. Venture into procedurally created worlds with friends, dive into dungeons for epic loot and then return to your home world to build a masterpiece to your creativity and power.

With a fully customisable universe of cubes, the game has 14 character classes, several maps and a vibrant, charismatic look, very similar to Minecraft and Cube World.


As you might expect, Rift is a typical MMORPG that is similar to World of Warcraft. In Rift, players are transported to a fantasy world called Telara, where they can explore a large map, go on unmissable quests, and join hundreds of other players for the common good of this world. One of the biggest highlights of this game is the seasonal event updates, which give an air of freshness to all the players who have been immersed in this universe for some time.

EVE Online

With more than 7,000-star systems to explore, Eve Online has become one of the most acclaimed science fiction MMORPG games created in recent decades. It’s based on a space exploration system that appealed to the public and, even though it was launched in 2003, it still has a large community of active players today. In the game, you can choose a race that is subdivided into three lineages. You can also carry out various activities, such as mining, space piracy, trading, exploration, and combat.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

With elements familiar to fans of the Star Wars film series, animations and television productions, such as the Jedi, the Lightsabers, the Siths and much more, the MMORPG allows players to choose between the side of the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, as well as other choices that determine the character’s story within the game.

Although it’s not one of the most critically acclaimed games, it’s a good choice for fans of the intergalactic war series and, although it’s free, it has micro-transactions and an optional subscription that guarantees in-game advantages.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Launched in 2014, the game has 10 races and 6 different classes for the player to choose from. The game is paid, but unlike others in the genre, such as World Of Warcraft, the player only has to pay once and can play as much as they like. It’s an MMORPG from the same developer, Bethesda, which brings mechanics and other similarities to the games in the RPG franchise, but with the addition of multiplayer features.

It’s very much focused on exploring the vast and detailed medieval fantasy world, with various primary and secondary quests and an interesting and engaging story.

The Lord of the Rings Online

If you love the high fantasy universe created by Tolkien, you can’t miss The Lord of the Rings Online, one of the best fantasy MMORPG games ever created. The game brings together the best of the multiplayer genre for those who love the Lord of the Rings stories. In this game, you have the chance to play as one of the races found in the books and films, as well as choosing between different professions to explore Middle-earth, defeat great villains and take part in unmissable quests.

Star Trek Online

Based on the acclaimed science fiction franchise Star Trek, this game takes fans of the series on intergalactic adventures in the best MMORPG style. Star Trek Online was released exclusively for PC in 2010 and was released for other consoles in 2016, much to the delight of the game’s fans. In the game, each player is the captain of their own ship and can carry out missions alone or in a group, on land or in space. The large number of elements that make up the game make Star Trek Online one of the best in the science fiction genre.

Lost Ark

The South Korean game Lost Ark was released in 2022 for territories other than Korea and it didn’t disappoint. It brings together the best of MMORPG games and even won six awards at the Korea Game Awards in 2019. The game is more focused on map exploration and completing quests, but also features some player-versus-player elements. Many players have compared it to the classic Diablo, a great franchise first launched in 1997.


Ragnarok is by far one of the greatest MMORPG classics ever released. It was the first South Korean title to be successfully exported to other parts of the world and became a real hit in Brazil in the early 2000s. Although it has a smaller community compared to its first years of release, it still has many active players for you to interact with and enjoy. The game combines the best of MMORPG games with a minimalist design that is perfect for weak PCs.

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online combines the best of sandbox games with the elements that MMORPG games enjoy. Launched in 2014 by South Korean developer Pearl Abyss, it is available today for various platforms and is guaranteed to provide hours of fun. The game features a complex combat system, where players are challenged to perform manual manoeuvres. In addition, you can explore this fantastic world and carry out countless everyday activities, such as maintaining your home, fishing, trading and more!


Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games, or MMORPGs, are a well-liked and profitable video game genre. These video games, which first appeared in 1997, let players take control of a character in a virtual environment that is typically medieval or magical.

Games must fulfil specified requirements, such as developing the plot and character skills through experience points and objectives, to be deemed among the best MMORPGs of all time. Additionally, players can amass riches to spend on better equipment and complete more challenging tasks. A game’s success and player retention are influenced by its plot, graphics, marketing plan, and design.