Fleetswake 5 is now here!

24/02/2022 - 14:35

You’ve been recruited by a merchant guild in Waterdeep to investigate a series of mysterious boats that have disappeared over the last year. The Fair Seas Festival is a good moment to study this case, as people are quite open about the dangers of the sea, the fury of Umberlee, and so forth.

Many people blame Umberlee for the disappearance of the boats, but the merchant guild isn’t so sure…

Fleetswake 5 is also bringing Desmond with it, the lone-wolf Ranger played by Deejay Knight in The Black Dice Society. Orisha is also back, an Aasimar Cleric and Bard and Sisaspia, a druid from the Yuan-Ti pureblood Circle of Spores  

To find out more details, just click here.

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