Zula is a free-to-play online first person shooter. In Zula you will discover real unique locations as Istanbul, Northern Iraq and other places of the Middle East, as well as indoor maps.



  • Zula 18/03/2019 16:00

    Weekly Calendar [18/03/2019 - 22/03/2019]

    Hello everybody,

    Take a look to all the information regarding the events what we are going to carry out during the week:


    In the left column you can see the weapons we will send each day of the week.

    In the central column you have the information about the bonuses that will be applied each day depending of the game modes.

    In the right column you will find the different tournaments that will take place during the week, either for you to participate or to watch the streamings.

    ESL Tournaments
    Zula Open Tournament #15

    YouTube Channel
    Twitch Channel


    Date: 22/03/2019 (00:00 CET) - 25/03/2019 (23:59 CET)

    IMPORTANT: The boosters don't affect the calculation of the ZP earned for the mission. 

    Objectives and Rewards:

    - Earn 10.000 ZP ->  M468 (3 days) + XP Booster 30% (3 days)
    - Earn 20.000 ZP -> 10.000 Zula Points
    - Earn 40.000 ZP ->   Glock 18 (3 days) + Chance Increaser 30%
    - Earn 60.000 ZP ->   2 Days AWP + 2 Units Silver Deck
    - Earn 80.000 ZP ->   5 units Bronze Decks
    - Earn 100.000 ZP ->   5 Silver Key which opens the "Silver Crate"
    - Complete all previous objectives -> 4 Platinum Decks


    For this Friday 22/03/2019 we bring you something very special! Our GM will be on EU-1 Server 8 from 11:00 AM (CET) to play with all of you!

    They will create different rooms with some GMs on each room.

    When a match ends, they will go out to the lobby and one of them will tell you the new server where they will create the new room to play.

    The 3 players with more kills on each match will receive 5.000 Zula Gold.

    The rooms will be called GM EVENT!


    ​VERY IMPORTANT: When a player wins a match he will not be able to play again on the event! Meaning you can only win 1 time in the GM EVENT.

    -If an user creates rooms with this name to distract other players, he will be banned permanently.
    -There should be a GM on the room, if not the room is not the official one.
    - If a player break one of this rules he won't receive any reward.

    Winners and Rewards from the Competitive Mode:

    These are the players that reached the top 20 and will get a reward:


    Fight to reach the top this week and get a great reward!

    See you in the battlefield!

  • Zula 13/03/2019 11:00

    Version 1.22i Patchnotes

    New Map: Tehran

    The map that you've been waited for, finally arrives in Zula Europe! You will able to enjoy Elimination, Team Deathmatch or Boss Hunt modes in Tehran map. Discover the secret places of Tehran!


    New Decks & Cases


    Platinum Case: PLATINUM DECKS ARE IN THIS CASE! 1/5 Unit: Platinum Deck, Super Platinum Deck, Royal Guaranteed Platinum Deck, Nightmare Guaranteed Platinum Deck, Mecha Guaranteed Platinum Deck, Skin Guaranteed Platinum Deck, Platinum Assault Deck, Platinum SMG Deck, Platinum Sniper Deck, Raptor Guaranteed Platinum Deck, Platinum Front Attachment Guaranteed Deck, Platinum Pistol Deck, Platinum Cheytac Deck, Platinum AWP Deck, Platinum M468 Deck, Platinum AUG Deck, Platinum Glock 18 Collection Deck, Platinum M4A1 Collection Deck, Platinum AWP Collection Deck, Platinum M468 Collection Deck, Platinum AUG A3 Collection Deck, Platinum Sniper Front Guaranteed Deck, Platinum Assault Front Guaranteed Deck

    Platinum Assault Front Attachment Guaranteed Deck: Gives 1 guaranteed assault front attachment card and 4 random cards with Platinum Deck rates.

    Platinum Desert Eagle Deck: Gives 5 cards for Desert Eagle in Platinum Deck rates.

    St. Patrick's Day Events:


    100% probability of upgrade up to +3!
    This weekend you will have 100% posibility to upgrade your weapon up to +3. Your upgrades won't fail up to +3! The available weapons for this event are:
    MK3, Dual Grenade, Transform, Sticky Bomb, Glock 18, Huntsman, Hunter, P90, Knuck, MPX, M93R, Tec9, MPT-76S, MPT-76, Butterfly, Tommy Gun, Karambit, M902, Khaybar, Fateh, Razor, HK417 Pro, Kar98, UTS15, BORA 12, Cheytac M200, Mateba, MP7, Kriss Vector, UMP45, ARX 160, Famas, M6 LWRC, Double C5, C5, AUG A3, DSR1, TAR21, MK2, MP5, L115A3, Dragunov, Nova, M4 Super 90, Desert Eagle, MP9, FN FAL, AK-47, M468, AWP and M4A1

    25% discount on Upgrade Boosters!

    To succeed your upgrades this weekend, we have prepared a great discount on the following items:

    Chance Increaser +15%
    Chance Increaser +30%
    Chance Increaser +50%

    Loss Reducer 15%
    Loss Reducer 30%
    Loss Reducer 50%

    25% & 10% discount on all Material Packs!

    From Friday to Monday, you will get 25% discount on Materials bought with Zula Gold and 10% discount on Materials bought with Zula Points.

    Lucky Special Mission:

    Earn 10.000 ZP -> AK-47 (3 days) + 100 Materials
    Earn 20.000 ZP -> 10000 ZP
    Earn 40.000 ZP -> Glock 18 (3 days) + Chance Increaser 30%
    Earn 60.000 ZP -> UTS-15 (3 days) + Match Material Bonus +30% (3 days)
    Earn 80.000 ZP -> 1000 Materials with 150 Chrome
    Earn 100.000 ZP -> 5 Golden Decks
    Complete all previous objectives -> 10 units of Super Support Case

    We hope you enjoy all changes. Have a nice time on Zula Europe!