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CityBattle | Virtual Earth (EU) Europe is a free to play MMOFPS framed on a alternate reality where complex military robots fight for dominance on Earth. The robots have several abilities, a huge variety of classes and subclasses and teaming then up strategically will be key for winning the battles.

City Battle Virtual Earth


  • City Battle Virtual Earth 18/09/2019 9:00

    Classes: Bomber


    The Bomber inflicts damage per second thanks to his weapon, the Hail, and his mines. The main objective of this class is to keep away the healers and the rest of DPS classes to control the map so that his team can reach the victory.

    Role: Control


    - Tornado: launches a projectile which creates a vortex that pulls enemies in and deals damage. Vortes is created upon projectiles collision with objects, enemies or by pressing again the activation key.
    - Barricade: creates an energy barrier in front of the Bomber blocking the enemy fire. The barricade dissapears after a few seconds or when receiveng critical damage.
    - Afterburner: Bomber quickly flies in the direction of the mouse cursor spending fuel. Fuel is restored gradually.
    - Hail: grenade launcher effective to inflict damage and for crowd control. With LMB it shoots grenades that rebound from surfaces and explode upon contact with the enemy. With RMB it launches sticky mines that can be used as traps or to inflict direct damage.

  • City Battle Virtual Earth 16/09/2019 17:00

    Clases: Guardián


    The Guard is a completely armored robot in order to be able to resist as much damage as possible and protect his teammates as efficiently as possible.

    Role: Defense


    - Shield: projects a force shield that protects him and his allies. The shield has a certain durability.
    - Ram: Guard charges forward. Upon collision with enemies an explosion occurs stunning and dealing damage to them.
    - Laser: deals damage and temporarily reduces the damage inflicted by the enemies. Damage received by the Guard or his shield is converted into Laser charge.
    - Blast: the Minigun has two different fire modes in order to inflict damage from different ranges.