Join CroNix Online, the new free to play online game and immerse yourself into a devastated world, dominated by chaos. In this MMO you will find nuclear weapons, mutants, religious sects and a great variety of wars in which to fight. Choose your side!

CroNix Online


  • CRONIX 14/07/2016 9:18


    Now that the summer is here, we would like you to share with us all your summer adventures. Doesn’t matter if it’s a picture of your neighbour's cat or of that sand castle you made with your cousins. We just want to live those moments with you (and feel that healthy envy).But here comes the best part! In exchange for your pictures we will be giving away some amazing awards for the ...

  • CRONIX 06/04/2016 11:00

    Advice: Complete the daily Missions

    Greetings, players!Have you ever had that problem where you entered the shop to buy a cool character but then you didn't have enough Seeds? Damn...So... to avoid that, we suggest you complete our daily missions. When you log into the game, you'll see a screen just like the one in the picture with the daily missions and their rewards. It's a very good chance to win some Seeds ...

Recent Updates

  • CRONIX 15/11/2016 16:07

    Server maintenance (16/11/16)

    Greetings CroNixers!Tomorrow, you'll have a big, new patch! Servers will be closed from 7AM until 10 AM (CET). We'll tell you over the forum when everything functions properly again. Regards, The CroNix Online Team

  • CRONIX 22/02/2016 17:51

    SERVER MAINTENANCE [02/23/2016]

    END OF MAINTENANCE: 7AM (GMT), 2AM (EST)Greetings, CroNixers!Maintenance has been carried out successfully, the servers are up again and you can return to your battles.Best regards, The CroNix Online Team***Greetings CroNixers!On Feruary 23rd, the servers will be down for maintenance. Servers will be closed starting 6AM (GMT), 1AM (EST) and be online again at 7AM (GMT), ...