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Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker is a fantasy dungeon PvPvE adventure. Round your friends up and use your courage, wit and cunning to uncover mythical treasures, defeat monsters and stay one step ahead of the other treasure hunters.


Dark and Darker

First-Person Fantasy Dungeon Adventure

Unimaginable fortune awaits the brave and foolish willing to delve into the devastated depths of an ancient citadel. Unite with friends and use your courage, wit and cunning to uncover mythical treasures, defeat monsters, and keep one step ahead of the other treasure-hunters. The hard part comes in after you’ve looted all your riches… getting out alive. Find the hidden escape routes before the ever-expanding darkness reclaims your riches – and your corpse – to add to its pile of endless riches.

Irresistibly Classic

Dark and Darker aims to capture the wonder and magnificence of classic fantasy adventure games, its main objective being to respect the traditions of the genre. Move through old worlds where danger lurks around every corner, but where courage and adventure are rewarded with a wealth of riches. 

Choose a Role and Start Playing!

Team up with friends and get a group together to increase your chances of survival. Choose from a wide range of timeless fantasy roles and create the perfect three-person squad. Play as a burly barbarian holding the frontline while your sharp-eyed ranger friend fires arrows from afar, and your merry bard keeps morale high by performing lively numbers. 

A Ruthless Challenge

Dark and Darker is a world of high risk and high returns. Explore a mystical underground fortress where danger is always present and even the smallest wrongfooting can end in death. Sound judgement reaps huge rewards, but death carries a heavy penalty – with the loss of all your loot. 

Focus on First-Person Combat

Dark and Darker strives to achieve immense immersion. Adventurers must use their eyes and ears as they would in the real world and overcome the countless challenges they’ll face. For this reason, they have an array of close combat weapons at their disposal, each with unique patterns to be learned and mastered. Strikes to the head and back cause serious damage. Knowing how to properly handle each weapon will benefit players trying to survive this uninviting world.

Old Magic

Magic is a powerful, but difficult to master, force in the world of Dark and Darker. Mastery requires long incantations, special skills, the right channelling equipment, and a tactical eye. Spells must be timed and highly focused to achieve maximum effect.

Comfort in the Shadows

The darkness is your friend in this unwelcoming setting. Take away the light and use the darkness to hide from enemies or to set up ambushes. If battles take a turn for the worse, blending into the darkness can result in a stealthy retreat.


Discover hidden portals and delve deeper and deeper below ground, discovering the most horrible monsters and valuable artefacts along the way. All the riches you collect will have been in vain if you can’t make it out alive. Find an exit before the dark swarm comes to collect your soul.


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  • Title: Dark and Darker

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  • Developer: IRONMACE

  • Publisher: IRONMACE (0)


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System Requirements


  • OS: 64-bit Windows 10, 11

  • CPU: 3.0 GHz Quad Core CPU

  • RAM: 8 GB

  • GC: GeForce GTX 1060 with 3GB of video RAM or Radeon RX 580 with 4GB of video RAM

  • HDD: 12 GB


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