Metal Assault is full of zombies, werewolves and vampires you will have to beat in this free to play MMO. Participate in amazing PvP battles against other players, choose your character, customize your weapon and defeat evil!

Metal Assault


  • METAL ASSAULT 02/12/2016 18:43

    Payment system

    Hello everyone:After seeing your questions, we thought it was necessary to inform you on the payment operation on IDC/Games and on Steam.Those of you who have a Steam account and play from Steam, you have to buy on Steam. Don't buy on IDC/Games, because your purchases won't go on your Steam account, but rather on your IDC account, which will be a problem if you don't play on it. ...

  • METAL ASSAULT 29/11/2016 17:06

    The incredible Gift Calendar is here!

    Greetings!We're happy to announce that during the first 24 days of December, you'll have a great Gift Calendar with amazing rewards for all of your IDC/Games games!You can get from Berserk: The Cataclysm cards to Zula arms! Remember there will be gifts for all games!We hope you like it and get as many rewards as possible!Best regards,The IDC/Games Team

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