Metal Assault is full of zombies, werewolves and vampires you will have to beat in this free to play MMO. Participate in amazing PvP battles against other players, choose your character, customize your weapon and defeat evil!

Metal Assasult


  • Metal Assault 02/01/2018 11:03

    The IDC/Games Shop is here!


    Hello everyone!

    In this post we present you the IDC/Games shop! Here you can buy customized products such as Zula T-shirts, IDC/Games backpacks...

    You only must click here to access the shop!

    Best regards.

  • Metal Assault 19/10/2017 8:26

    Patchnotes [17/10/2017]


    Hello everyone!

    Below we present you a list with the things that have been added or adjusted with this great update of Metal Assault:

    1. New items on the shop:

    Jack Sparrow Pistol(30D)
    Spanish pistol(30D)
    Imperial Musket(30D)

    2. Readjustement on Cash items:


    3. Below you have a list with the items on sale:

    Basic Items:

    New Player Package
    Monthly package.
    Guild Package
    Personal Storage License
    Inventory Expansion
    No.8 hot key opener
    No.9 hot key opener
    No.0 hot key opener
    Upgrade Insurance
    Upgrade Booster
    Precise Grinder
    Gold Token
    Energy Bar
    Sports Drink
    Improved Grenade Round H
    Improved Hand Grenade
    Squad Commander's Note
    Quartermaster's Secret Books
    Ladder Speed Booster
    Reinforced Grenade(30D)
    Shop License
    Gospel Standard Flak Jacket(30-day)
    Gospel Light Flak Jacket(30-day)
    Gospel Heavy Flak Jacket(30-day)
    Company Storage License
    License for Company Logo
    Name Change Certificate
    Company Name-Change Request

    Weapons and Armors:

    a.Beretta M92(15 Days)
    a.m1911(15 Days)
    a.AK47(15 Days)
    a.M16(15 Days)
    a.M16A4(15 Days)
    R4-GL (15D)
    SR-40A3 (15D)
    SR-417 (15D)
    S590 (15D)
    S870 (15D)
    Ramrock RL-4 (15D)
    Flambe-2K (15D)
    Rampart-BS1 (15D)
    Endless Summer Beach Bundle(perm)

    Lucky Box Items:

    AMP 3
    AMP 4
    AMP 5
    Unique Weapon Random Box
    legandseven-A00 (Golden)
    F-2 PowerBomb-00 (Golden)
    JY-TYPE-S3 (Golden)
    Viper Snake-rock (Golden)
    Superline-30 (Golden)
    MaxCore-M-Limit-GL (Golden)
    Golden Warrior Helmet
    Golden Warrior Armor
    Golden Warrior Gloves
    Golden.K Dot Sight
    Golden.K Scope
    Golden.K Laser Sight
    Golden.K Silencer
    Golden.K Magazine
    White Dot Sight
    White Scope
    White Laser Pointer
    White Silencer
    White Clip
    legandseven-A00 (Red)
    F-2 PowerBomb-00 (Red)
    JY-TYPE-S3 (Red)
    Viper Snake-rock (Red)
    Superline-30 (Red)
    MaxCore-M-Limit-GL (Red)
    Red Warrior Helmet
    Red Warrior Armor
    Red Warrior Gloves
    Premium Buff +10
    AMP 1~4
    AMP 1~2
    Rare Weapon Random Box
    Bolt Lv5
    Barrel Lv5
    Trigger Lv5
    Spring Lv5
    Diamond Lv1
    Sapphire Lv1
    Emerald Lv1
    Ruby Lv1
    Diamond Lv2
    Sapphire Lv2
    Emerald Lv2
    Ruby Lv2
    Bolt Lv3
    Bolt Lv4
    Barrel Lv3
    Barrel Lv4
    Trigger Lv3
    Trigger Lv4
    Spring Lv3
    Spring Lv4
    Token de Oro
    Gold Token
    Energy Bar
    Snarlade Sports Drink
    Improved Grenade Round H
    Improved Hand Grenade
    10000 Coins Ticket
    5000 Coins Ticket

    We hope you like this update!

    See you on the battlefield!