Get to know: Ai

05/04/2016 - 08:39


Since Ai was younger, she was constantly compared with her sister, Maii — the picture of perfection. Maii was the apple of their parents' eyes, as she excelled in everything she did — from ballet to calligraphy, sharpshooting and... becoming a rising star and R.O.C. hero. 

Ai grew up in the shadow of her sister, and in consequence, developed an obsession to be always recognized. 

After the tragic death of Maii, Ai joined R.O.C. to become the best stormtrooper and so, surpass her memory. Her aim was to follow Maii's footsteps and become the best member of R.O.C 
You should really get to know her. As soon as the beta version is available, you will need her at your side.

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