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PC FOOTBALL 18: The mythical PC Football is back completely renewed and with new functionalities. Control your club: signings, trainings, finances and other fundamental aspects. Bring your team to the top!

PC Football



  • PC FÚTBOL 13/12/2017 18:01

    Statement about launch date

      Dear PC Football fans,   PC Football's launch date is unfortunately delayed due solely to the fact that from Korner Entertainment and IDC/Games we only want to publish a product that is 100% complete in all areas:   - Technical: we want the game fully optimized on all types of mobile devices. last week's QA tests were not as satisfactory as we wanted, and we need more ...

  • PC FÚTBOL 01/12/2017 17:18

    The 2018 PC game mechanics teaser video is here!

    Hello everyone, Here we leave you the PC Football teaser video so that you can enjoy what is coming! Enjoy!