Zula is a free-to-play online first person shooter. In Zula you will discover real unique locations as Istanbul, Northern Iraq and other places of the Middle East, as well as indoor maps.



  • Zula 22/06/2018 11:00

    IDC/Games Zula Tournament #8 - Chronicle

    Hello everyone,In this post we leave you the chronicle of the IDC/Games Zula Tournament Edition 8.In the first round many matches took place, but several were not carried out because the teams did not show up. In general, all the matches had a clear winner and there were not many surprises. The only matches that stand out in this first round are Phu`eSports against BalkanEmìre (6 - 10) and ...

  • Zula 21/06/2018 16:00

    IDC/Games Zula Tournament #9

    VERY IMPORTANT: Only the double boost is allowed. Any other type of boost will be penalized with disqualification. This will also be applied in cases where there are textures that disappear.VERY IMPORTANT: THE USE OF THE QUANTUM SILENCER WILL NOT BE ALLOWED DURING THE TOURNAMENT FOR THE MOMENT.VERY IMPORTANT: EACH TEAM MAY HAVE A MAXIMUM OF TWO SNIPERS (with the option to pick ...

Recent Updates

  • Zula 21/06/2018 13:00

    End of maintenance

    Hi everyone,Maintenance has been carried out successfully, the servers are up and running again.Return to the game and enjoy!

  • Zula 20/06/2018 15:00

    Server maintenance [21/06/18]

    21/06/2018 starting at 10:00 am (CEST), our servers will be down due to maintenance.We'll let you know as soon as they're available again.The Zula Team