Zula is a free-to-play online first person shooter. In Zula you will discover real unique locations as Istanbul, Northern Iraq and other places of the Middle East, as well as indoor maps.



  • ZULA 19/04/2018 15:00

    GM Event!

    Dear all,For this Friday 20/04/2018 we bring you something very special! Our GM will be on Server 8 from 11:00 AM (CET) to play with all of you!They will create different rooms with some GMs on each room.When a match ends, they will go out to the lobby and one of them will tell you the new server where they will create the new room to play.The player with more kills on each match will receive ...

  • ZULA 19/04/2018 13:00

    IDC/Games Zula Tournament #2 - Chronicle

    Hello everyone:   In this post you can enjoy the Chronicle of the IDC/Games Zula Tournament # 2. The second edition has returned to have a great success since we have increased the number of teams to 64 and all the places have been occupied.   In the first round of the tournament most of the matches were held, but as in all occasions there have been some teams that have not come to ...

Recent Updates

  • ZULA 17/04/2018 17:00

    Comunication Issues resolved

      Dear users, The communication issues have been solved. Now you can continue enjoying IDC/Games! See you in game!

  • ZULA 16/04/2018 14:00

    Comunication Issues

    Dear users, We are suffering from communication issues with our servers. For this reason some users will not be able to connect to the IDC/Games launcher. We will notify you as soon as everything is solved. We apologize for the inconveniences!